Bikes and coffee go together like avocado and toast and The Wheelhouse is the perfect celebration of this union.

Located in the Arts district of LA, The Wheelhouse describes itself as being a “place for adventures”. The vibe is very cool, a bit quirky and very inclusive – which is at the heart of what they’re all about.

The owners created the space to be a place where the community can gather, and bike-enthusiasts (and those yet to discover their cycling passion – #me) can hang out. They stock vintage-inspired bikes, bike accessories, lifestyle goodies and have a small cafe component too.

We ordered:

  • The thick as thieves toast with avocado and cream cheese (yum!)
  • The stick in the mud breakfast cup with oats, chia, preserves, yoghurt, berries and walnuts
  • Coffee by Olympia Coffee Co

Check out our snaps below and, if you’re lucky enough to be heading to La La Land anytime soon, pop in and say hello!

Post written by @lizlyons_

Hand modelling/avocado toast tasting by @chrisnayna

Find them on the Gram at @thewheelhousela


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