Our lovely pal Caroline Hogh Groth (whose amazing interview you can read here) recently put us on to THR1VE. They’re based on the east coast and, in addition to having a number of bricks and mortar food venues around the place, also do healthy home-delivered meals.

Traditionally I haven’t been a huge fan of “healthy” meal delivery services as I’ve found them a bit uninspiring. Enjoyment and excitement are a huge part of eating and I don’t like to miss out on that for the sake of a super-clean meal.

Fortunately, I didn’t find that I had this issue with THR1VE. While the portions aren’t huge, they did fill me up and, because you can design your food box or choose an option that’s right for your needs, I was able to opt for some extra snacks to keep me going between main meals.

The food tasted good too (very important!) and I didn’t feel like I’d taken the fun out of eating. If anything, it was actually pretty exciting going through the delivery and looking at what lay ahead in the foodie stakes.

Some of the dishes we enjoyed included;

  • power pancakes with mixed berry compote and coconut yoghurt
  • beef brisket with seasonal mash
  • grilled lemon chicken with seasonal greens
  • an orange jaffa slice (SO good!)
  • teriyaki salmon with season greens
  • pulled lamb with roasted vegetables

THR1VE are a great option if you’re time poor or disinterested in cooking, but still want to nourish your body with healthy food. Their meals are designed by a nutritionist and feature seasonal Aussie produce.

Find out more on their website and follow them on Insta at @thr1ve

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