Phuket Cleanse is the ULTIMATE wellness retreat. Their offering is humongous, to the point where I’ve been procrastinating writing this piece since my return because there’s just so much to cover.

First thing’s first, you can find the retreat in Rawai, the southern-most point of the island and very much the fitness hub of Phuket. There are loads of gyms, healthy cafes and health-seeking tourists in the area.

The retreat itself is made up of a few buildings, with a central area for dining and a lot of the activities.

Phuket Cleanse
Phuket Cleanse

The communal area

Phuket Cleanse

Which brings me to that very thing – THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO HERE! Every day is FILLED with things to do. From hikes to stand up paddle boarding, muay Thai to cooking classes, aerial yoga, guided meditation, aqua fit and boat trips you’ll never be short of activities to fill your time.

What’s even better, is that you are entirely free to pick and choose what suits you best. If you’re wanting a yoga/relaxation focus, choose classes of that nature. If you’re wanting something more fast paced, I’d recommend the boot camp and HIIT classes. You can choose to have nightly massages in your room to aid muscle recovery / help you zen out. (And if your commitment to zen-ness is particularly strong, you could also schedule some for during the day too!)

What’s more, laundry is included in your stay. So your fave active wear will be back, sweat-free, in your hands before you know it.

If this all seems a bit overwhelmingly fabulous, never fear. The induction process includes helping you to plan your schedule and work out what activities best align with your goals. From there, the staff stay in close contact with you throughout your stay and are happy to assist should you require help on any front.

If you’re looking for something even more personalised, they also have a range of experts specialising in areas like life coaching, physiotherapy and bloodwork available for private consultations.

Phuket Cleanse
Phuket Cleanse

Meditation space

Phuket Cleanse
Phuket Cleanse

Make your own cosmetics!

And last, but definitely not least, ’tis time to talk about the very important topic of food. Three meals are served daily, with tea/protein-smoothie-making facilities on offer throughout the day for your grazing pleasure.

There’s a lot of plant-based, low carb goodness on offer, but they also provide additional carbohydrates for those who are following a particularly robust workout schedule. (Side note – I took my carb requirements especially seriously, and ended up going out for pizza on one of the nights. #balance)

The food is good, and makes you feel really good (although my pizza cravings did win out on the aforementioned evening). It’s certainly an adjustment to eat so cleanly, but you notice a positive difference in how your body feels almost straight away.

And the food is by no means boring. One lunch was tacos (delicious!), another was a veggie noodle dish and one evening we had an abundance of sushi for dinner. It’s a buffet style situation, so you can eat as much as you want, and there are always tasty soups on the table and yummy juices available too.

Their breakfast game is super strong, including the yummiest protein pancakes going around, chia puddings, fruit, eggs and protein smoothie bowls.

Phuket Cleanse

Breakfast is served

Phuket Cleanse Phuket Cleanse Phuket Cleanse Phuket Cleanse Phuket Cleanse Phuket Cleanse

Thanks so much for having us Phuket Cleanse, we can’t wait to return!

Article written by Liz Lyons with assistance from Chris Nayna

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