When we first heard that we were doing a helicopter pub tour, our first thought was “THAT’S SO COOL”, our second thought was, “..how does that work?”.

Well work it does and cool it is, with Airborne Solutions‘ tours considered one of Darwin’s must dos.

The tour is similar to a normal winery or pub tour in the sense that you travel around to different venues and try their wares before moving on to the next spot. Your mode of transport (a helicopter) allows you to travel further distances than a normal bus tour, and means that you arrive in style.

There are a couple of options available,with the choice of visiting five pubs, or three, and the option of two or three people in your chopper (bigger groups may need a couple of helicopters).

We went with the three pub option and, after a very scenic flight across Darwin, landed at our first pub at Crab Claw Island.

Helicopter pub tour Helicopter pub tour

Crab Claw is a waterside resort 135km southwest of Darwin (by road) or 35km by air. The island is perfect for a relaxing getaway, providing opportunities to go mud crabbing, fishing, bird watching, or simply just relax in one of their two swimming pools.

The restaurant does brekkie, lunch and dinner, and I would thoroughly recommend giving their tiger prawn salad a go – delicious!

Helicopter pub tour Helicopter pub tour Helicopter pub tour Helicopter pub tour

After quenching our thirst at Crab Claw, we then flew on to Darwin River Tavern – the home of the almighty feast you see in the snaps below.

This ain’t no standard pub grub, these guys have an extensive menu and (after trying much of it) we can confirm that it is tasty. Definitely try the seafood, it’s in a class of its own.

And, if you need to sprawl out horizontally for a minute or two while you digest all the deliciousness, they have a massive expanse of grass out of the back. The perfect spot to squeeze in a food coma nap (and park your helicopter!).

Helicopter pub tour Helicopter pub tour Helicopter pub tour Helicopter pub tour Helicopter pub tour

Last, but definitely not least, we visited the infamous Goat Island. Home to King Kai (the island’s hilarious owner – his banter is world-class) the island is all about getting back to the basics – good food, good drinks, and good company.

Casey’s Bistro serves up “unpretentious tucker” for lunch and dinner (a tasty array of burgers alongside Kai’s specialty croc ballson the side) and there’s plenty of bevvies to go around too.

The lodge can sleep up to 12 people, and is well-suited to a group fishing trip.

Helicopter pub tour Helicopter pub tour Helicopter pub tour Helicopter pub tour Helicopter pub tour

Article written by Liz Lyons

This experience is part of a larger series of content we are producing for Tourism NT. To check out what else we’ve been up to, head to the @territorytaste Instagram page (we’ll be hanging out there until the end of August 2017).

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