Bone broth is the super food you never knew you needed.

We’ve been creating some awesome content for the guys and gals at Happy Mammoth involving their bone broth and, in the process, have realised how freaking AMAZING this stuff is.

First thing’s first, it’s a savoury liquid that looks like stock. Theirs is made from the marrow bones of 100% grass-fed, organically raised Aussie cows, contains turmeric, ginger, garlic and peppercorns, and is made in Melbourne.

The marrow bones in the broth already give you a nice anti-inflammatory hit, but the addition of the ingredients listed above make Happy Mammoth’s product particularly anti-inflammatory. If you suffer from ailments like arthritis and joint pain then this, plus the collagen, cartilage and tendon minerals the broth contains, will be music to your ears.

The product has anti-aging properties, with the collagen and minerals working to nourish skin, hair and nails and promote bone repair. You can use bone broth to help kick start sustainable weight loss (it’s very high in amino acids) and manage IBS. The latter benefits from the gelatin in the broth, which can also help in fixing leaky gut syndrome by sealing holes in the intestines.

Simply pop the broth into any recipes requiring stock, make a soup, chuck it in a smoothie or warm it up and drink a mug of it (with a pinch of salt) instead of your morning cuppa.

I recommend using it in this simple pho that we whipped up at home – deeeelicious!

You can order The Happy Mammoth’s bone broth at their website here

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And watch this space! They’ve got a fancy new product launching very soon (December)

Post written by @lizlyons_