If you haven’t had a Get Chunky cookie before, stop (reading this), drop and roll your way out of wherever you are and scoot as quickly as you can over to the Get Chunky store in Mt Lawley (yes even you East Coasters – don’t be lazy).

These cookies are WONDERFUL. They are ridiculously chunky (hence the name) and come in all sorts of fabulous flavours too – the peanut butter one is a personal fave.

These guys originally started off at the markets but were so ridonkulously successful that they quickly expanded, opening their first bricks and mortar store a few months ago. They’ve since continued to innovate, adding cookie ice cream sandwiches to the menu and a host of new flavours.

You may not be reading this anymore on account of my aforementioned instruction (totes understandable) but if you have deferred your visit to a later date, stalk them on the gram in the meantime at @getchunky.

Get Chunky Get Chunky Get Chunky Get Chunky Get Chunky Get Chunky