One of the questions I often get asked as a breakfast blogger and marketing person in the hospo industry, is how I stay slim and what my “secret” is.

So I’ve decided to share it. My big reveal.

Here it goes….

There abso-freaking-lutely is none. The “secret” is a list of things we’ve all heard a million times before and largely boils down to:

  • My body type – I have naturally lean limbs, and a thicker mid section (I don’t think I’m humanly capable of carving a six pack, and that is very okay).
  • My diet – I most definitely do NOT eat French toast and pancakes every day. When doing photo-shoots (if I haven’t eaten/it’s meal time) I’ll generally opt for the lightest dish (nine times out of ten this will be a smashed avo or eggs with sides) and will only have a taste of the sweet dishes. The rest of the time, I tend to eat mostly meat and veg, and fruit-free muesli with coyo for breakfast when I’m at home. That said, I certainly enjoy a good slice of cake/chocolate/pizza/an espresso martini from time to time, I’m just conscious of how often I do that and am wary of portion sizes.
  • My background in health promotion – I used to work for Diabetes WA and learned so much while in that environment. Being surrounded by dietitians was AWESOME. They really drove home the importance of nourishing my body, the concept of energy in/energy out, and gave me a good filter through which to see the overly complicated world of diets and crazy fads through.
  • My exercise routine – I LOVE HIIT (high intensity interval training) and do it most days of the week.

In addition to this, I also prioritise my sleep, drink lots of water and spend time with family and friends. On the flipside to that, I also make sure that I allow for quiet “me” time. This may be going for a walk while listening to a podcast, watching a favourite TV show or reading.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t get the balance right every time. But it’s these factors (in various quantities, depending on the week) that help me maintain a healthy weight, and feel good mentally.

Which brings me to my absolute love affair with Lululemon.

From a marketing perspective, I’ve always really admired these guys for creating such a 360 degree brand. Lululemon is so much more than a sportswear brand. Sure, they provide high quality athletic apparel, but there’s a depth and commitment to creating transformational experiences and helping people live their best lives that I haven’t seen before.

I’ve always seen this sentiment echoed in their staff too, and have even done a goal-setting workshop with one of their team members before. The fact that such a unique mix of athleticism, mindfulness and fun has permeated across such a huge brand, is very cool.

It’s because of this, that Chris (our resident PT and health guru) and I reached out to Lululemon to see if they’d be interested in taking part in a fun, breakfast-themed photo-shoot. They were up for it, and so we set about merging some of their favourite looks with our favourite mindfulness activity – leisurely breakfasts!


This beautiful holiday house is only a stone’s throw from the beach, making a big morning walk the obvious pre-brekkie choice. You can find out more about the house here.

We did just that, before enjoying this fantastic brekkie hamper from The Pantry (you can opt to have one of these hampers when you stay at the house).

Chris is wearing some of Lululemon‘s lightweight, sweat-wicking, and four-way stretch men’s gear, and I’m decked out in their brand new, New-York-inspired, “Culture Clash” print.

Lululemon Lululemon Lululemon Lululemon Lululemon Lululemon Lululemon


We enjoyed a post-F45 and pre-recovery swim (for Chris, I ran around in circles on the beach to keep warm) colourful brekkie (that avo toast is a must-do!) at acai-bowl favourite Soul Press.

Feat – Chris’ now go-to Lululemon trackie pants, and my FAVOURITE tights ever. Seriously, these are the best. High waisted, and super super comfortable.

In the latter images, I’m enjoying more acai goodness and one of my favourite green smoothies at Dundas and Faussett, in Albert Park. This is a great walk-and-brunch place, there’s so many gorgeous old homes in Albert Park, and the lake is good place to walk around.

Lululemon Lululemon Lululemon Lululemon Lululemon Lululemon Lululemon

Article written by Liz Lyons

You can shop all of these looks at, and follow them on the gram at @lululemonausnz