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More than 420,000 Australians come to Breakfast In for their food recommendations. We are a space for promoting and sharing quality food, lifestyle and travel finds in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and beyond. We do cool stuff, meet cool people, and love sharing it all with you!

Liz Lyons

Liz is the Content Director and Creator of Breakfast In. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Communication Studies) and has more than five years of marketing experience, having worked in-house, agency, and freelance.

She started Breakfast In in 2013 after noting the growing importance of social media. As a communications person, she figured it would be beneficial to create her own channels to showcase creativity, her fantastic clients and Australia’s awesome hospitality scene.

She writes on number of topics, eats a lot of brekkie, and can be Insta-stalked at @lizlyons_


Chris Nayna

Chris is the Health and Fitness Content Director. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Nursing), a Post Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Cardiology, a Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness, and more than five years clinical experience. He contributes articles on topics pertaining to health and fitness, and uploads content daily via his personal page @chrisnayna.

He also runs his own Melbourne-based personal training studio Train Station Fitness, and is available for group and single training sessions.

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