January 15, 2017

There is something so exciting about a new year and the sense of freshness that it brings. It’s a great time to set some personal goals, and make a commitment to feeding your body well in the new year. My friends at Special K are all about this too and, in the spirit of new-year-foodie-excitement, asked me to come up with some predictions about the food trends that 2017 will be serving up. So grab a knife and fork, pop your napkin on your lap, and get ready to tuck into the new year!

2016 – the year of the Pokémon doughnut and progression of fairy floss into the ‘breakfast food’ category (good for you fairy floss!).

But alas, 2017 has arrived and with it lays unchartered foodie territory. Will the Insta- shake return bigger and better than ever? Will hash browns make it back into the spotlight, finally getting the recognition they deserve? Will smashed avo continue to reign supreme, despite an increasingly competitive breakfast market?

These questions are tough, but after a lot of Instagram lurking, menu pondering, and procrasti- eating, I’ve come up with a few ideas about what’s on the menu for 2017.

1. Much-loved flavours getting a new look

I predict that we’ll see some ‘family favourite’ flavours like pavlova, various cereals, bread and butter pudding, and spag bol, reincarnated on our menus in 2017. Partly because they’re delicious and partly because #nostalgia.

2. Smoothie bowls

A couple of years ago, acai bowls were the new kid on the block. Ordering one was a cause of anxiety (is it ak-eye-ee, or ah-sigh-ee?) but now they’re a menu staple. In 2017 the rise of the smoothie bowl will continue, but with new flavours and crazier toppings.

3. Quirky ways to serve

Eating an ice cream out of a regular cone? Eugh, so 2012. After the success of the taiyaki soft serve cone (fish-shaped ice cream cones) it’s likely that we’re going to see even quirkier food presentation making its way to our Instagram feeds.

4. Tea time

Coffee has long been a much-loved flavour, but I predict that 2017 will really be tea’s time to shine. With oodles of flavours and cool spots like Rabbit Hole Tea popping up, I think we’ll see more tea-inspired flavours working their way on to our plates.

5. Lavender

I recently tried a lemon and lavender tart and it was DELICIOUS. The lavender really balanced out the tartness of the lemon, and added the most wonderful floral flavour. Definitely a flavour to watch in the New Year (plus they look pretty – double win).

6. Smashed… anything?

While smashed avo has every reason to smugly reside on the brunch menu, I predict that we’ll be seeing some other veggies working their way into the smash family. On that note, if you haven’t tried smashed peas or smashed pumpkin I thoroughly recommend it.

7. Interactive dishes

While I’m not inclined to have to work for my food, there’s something pretty cool about an interactive dish. After trying out Long Story Short’s dessert burger last year (where you pour milk over a cloud of fairy floss to reveal the burger) I’m fairly certain that we’ll be seeing more interactive food experiences in 2017.

8. Breakfast for dinner

Brekkie used to be confined to pre-10am but now the boundaries have shifted, with its reign extending to 3pm at most places. It’s only natural that we’ll see its creep continue, and ‘brinner’ become a thing.

9. Queen Nutella

It’s a well-known fact that if you involve Nutella in your dish, it becomes infinitely better. Having blown our minds in doughnuts, milkshakes and even baklava, it’s a sure thing that we’ll see this chocolately spread continue to pop up.

10. Turmeric

Turmeric – so hot right now. It makes things look pretty, has anti-inflammatory properties, and tastes great in a latte. Turmeric is here to stay in 2017.

11. The breakfast dessert

The age-old conundrum that has affected many a brunch-goer – do I feel like sweet, or savoury? The answer: both! As cafes increasingly introduce crazier and crazier sweet dishes, I predict that many will come under the new category of ‘breakfast dessert’ – designed for sharing after a savoury main.

12. Pikelets

I’ve seen these guys pop up at a couple of cafes and am always told of how popular they are. They make an awesome brekkie dish, and go wild on the gram. They may be the baby of the pancake family, but I think they’re set for a big 2017.

13. Sweet potato

The past year has seen sweet potato chips take their rightful place alongside potato chips on many a menu. They are a sweeter alternative, and as their popularity grows I think we’re going to see a lot more of this colourful veggie, maybe even at breakfast time…?!

Want to put these trends into action? Our lovely blogger friends at A Conscious Collection, Hipster Mum, Ripe Journal and Sammy and Bella have created a series of trend-inspired recipes. You can check them out via their websites – listed below. 

Sammy and Bella – www.sammyandbella.com 

  • Banana split with cherry compote, gluten free crunch and cacao nibs (pictured)
  • Whipped cinnamon yoghurt bowl with turmeric and forest berry crunch

A Conscious Collection – www.aconsciouscollection.com 

  • Special K breakfast bars with “rawtella” topping
  • Apple and berry Special K crumble with banana and blueberry “ice-cream”

Hipster Mum – www.hipstermum.com 

  • Banana, kiwi and turmeric smoothie
  • Choc Nutella clusters

Ripe Journal – www.ripejournal.com

  • Crunchy brioche French toast
  • No-bake matcha mini cheesecakes

Find out more about Special K at www.specialk.com.au , and follow them on Instagram at @specialkaustralia 

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