April 10, 2017

Post Perth has to be one of Perth’s most glamorous breakfast venues. Located within the Como The Treasury precinct in the CBD, Post serves up brekkie, lunch, and dinner in a sophisticated, modern environment.

The menu focuses on serving light, seasonal meals with a health focus.Which may seem like a weird comment to make before an image of pancakes but I can assure you that these were actually a fairly tummy-friendly pancake, as opposed to the type that leave you bloated and wanting to nap for 38645482 days.

They’re lemon scented (which even sounds soothing) and are served with banana, berries and cashew maple cream. Mmmmm.

We also tried the crushed avocado (which, might I add, was deceptively filling despite its size) and the fluffiest egg white and kale omelette I’ve ever seen.

Add some teas and fresh juices into the mix and I felt suitably energised and ready to explore what else the Como has to offer.

On that note, this building is seriously gorgeous. It’s the kind of place where you could easily lose track of time while floating through its halls.

I thoroughly recommend having a post-breakfast-explore. Some areas, like the pool and gym, are off limits and only accessible for guests of the hotel, but there’s still plenty to see.

I was fortunate enough to be able to have a quick squiz (and take some snaps while I was at it), before scooting off to try out the Como Shambhala Signature Massage. Which, for the record, is absolute bliss.

Article written by Liz Lyons

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