February 23, 2015

Oasis Bakery is a truly FANTASTIC foodie experience. Yup, to the point where capital letters were needed to properly articulate the joy I felt on the day I visited.

Oasis Bakery 11

Baked ricotta hotcakes (GF)

Their website describes them as a “shop for Middle Eastern food products”  however this barely begins to cover the amount of foodie joy their walls hold.

The family business, which has been run by the Makool family since the late 90s, encompasses an incredible café and bakery element plus a massive grocery store. The latter includes an incredible array of spices (each with their own story printed on their label), fresh bread, incredible dips and other culinary delights. Their range is massive, to the point where they had to expand their premises in 2010 to make room for it all.

Oasis Bakery 8


Oasis Bakery 12

Archie’s Avocado

In addition to the above, they have an impressive catering menu and also run regular cooking demonstrations in store. Both of which you can find out more about and book in for on their website.

Their breakfast menu changes seasonally. What doesn’t change however, is the genuine love and care that you can tell goes into the food. One example is the gluten free pancakes (from the summer menu) which were specifically designed to cater for a family member who loved pancakes but is gluten intolerant.

Portions are generous, prices are reasonable and the staff are truly delightful.

Speaking of – if you stop by for lunch, they recommend that you try the Lebanese BBQ plate (grilled lamb and chicken skewers, kafta, salad, hommus, garlic sauce and pita) or a Mayweather wrap (tender pieces of grilled kafta, tabouli & lettuce with hommus & their famous Oasis Chip Dip).

Oasis Bakery 10

More of Oasis’ goodies

Oasis Bakery 6

Oasis Bakery – grocery store

Oasis Bakery 14

Lebanese breakfast

What we had:

Archie’s avocadosmashed avocado w Persian fetta & Oasis Bakery’s Archie’s blend #2, saffron , yoghurt w two poached eggs on sourdough toast

Super-food smash – smashed dates, shaved apple, crushed almonds & shredded coconut, açai-coconut yoghurt & seasonal fruit

Baked ricotta hotcakes (GF) – buckwheat & ricotta hotcakes w house made jam, pure maple syrup, whipped mascarpone, halva & sesame snap

Lebanese breakfast – traditional scrambled eggs w soujouk, ful medammas, olives, grilled halloumi, tomatoes, cucumbers, chilli labneh balls & pita

Where to find them:

9/993 North Road
Victoria 3163



Instagram – @oasisbakery

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