Melbourne’s breakfast game in 2016 has been truly tremendous. From sweet to savoury and everything in between, it’s been fabulous to celebrate everything #breakfastinmelbourne with you all.

Of course, there were some yolks that shone particularly brightly*, and thus I give you the best of the b(r)unch. Some of the dishes that reaaaaally tantalised your tastebuds and sent your thumbs into a tagging frenzy.

Meet your top 16 breakfast bangers! Coz 10 is too small, and 20 too mainstream. Duh.

*not the #bestpunever, but you get the idea

**Sydney, Perth and everywhere else – you are also important but thanks to Christmas-related food comas, and general festive laziness, your online culinary celebrations will have to wait til next year xx

Long Story Short Cafe – Port Melbourne 

Oh my days they’re Tim Tam pancakes. I have nothing else to say. Let the image speak for itself.

Tinker – Northcote 

Tinker has just opened, and is rocking the same classics as some of its fabulous cousin cafes – Penta, Temperance Society, and My Other Brother. This pea smash is the bee’s knees. And it has HALLOUMI everyone! #halloumiforpresident

Penta – Elsternwick 

All hail this fabulous, yogo-esque Nutella pannacotta. This had me reminiscing about childhood memories of Dirt Dessert yogo and was the source of many a dopamine release in my brain.

Hard Pressed – East Melbourne

STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND TRY THIS SMASHED AVO. IT IS DELICIOUS. And trust me, I have tried A LOT of smashed avocado dishes in my time. I’m pretty much 1/5 avocado.

Son of a Pizzaiolo – Thornbury

Nutella French toast. Another dish that doesn’t require words. Soz, but LOOK AT IT. #magnificent

Saint James Cafe – Malvern 

Not including an eggs Bene would be rude. Try this one at Saint James, it comes with pulled pork and thus turns a sensational dish into a mind-blowing one.

The Tradesman – Moorabbin 

Red velvet pancakes that are sure to break the Internet. Look. at. dat. stack.

Pedro Espresso – St Kilda Road 

2016 – the year a relative of gnocchi snuck onto our breakfast menu. This ricotta gnudi is great, I’m so glad you’ve become a part of my life in 2016.

Dundas and Faussett – Albert Park 

Anything with that amount of crumbly bits is gonna be a good time. Ricotta hotcakes, how yaaa doing?

West of Kin – Braybrook 

This Korean style BBQ pulled pork on a brioche bun with wonton fries was equal parts unusual and delish. Oh breakfast, how you’ve evolved. #proud

Phat Milk – Travancore 

If you’re after delicious brekkie food with a Middle Eastern twist, GO HERE. It’s so good. And look at the amount of bread you get with the baked eggs, you can tell the owners are lovely people.

North and Eight – Essendon 

I feel like a proud mother watching how French toast has evolved. Check out this bad boy – LEMON MERINGUE FLAVOURED hewwwly dewwwwly.

Rubiki – North Ringwood 

Tapioca is freaking delicious. I’ve fallen in love with it this year and lurrrrved the honey and rose water flavour of this one.

Supernatural – La Trobe Uni (Bundoora) 

The only thing better than peanut butter toast? A STACK of peanut butter toast of course! Uni food has come a long way, kudos to you for serving up healthy thangs to learning minds Supernatural.

Yorkshire Brewhouse – Collingwood 

At first this toastie was a bit self-conscious about taking part in this show reel because it doesn’t have any Tim Tams, fairy floss or activated charcoal going on. But then it remembered that it’s bloody delicious, comes with crisps, and that sometimes, a simple brunch is the way to go. (Side note: this cafe is in the most gorgeous building!)

Images by @yummersbento

The Glass Den – Coburg 

These guys deserved a mention, their brunch game has been truly on point this year. I haven’t visited super recently (soz!) so borrowed this snap from the very cool @yummersbento – thank you!