Katherine Sabbath is the cake QUEEN. This lady is not only enormously talented, but also one of the most genuine, and wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Her personality matches her beautiful culinary creations perfectly, she is as bright and delightful as the incredible eye candy she produces. We caught up for breakfast at West Juliett in Marrickville the other day and she answered a couple of questions for Breakfast In. Introducing Katherine Sabbath x 


Katherine Sabbath (image credit: @katherine_sabbath)

  1. Please tell us a bit about yourself. 

Hello! I am an enthusiastic High School English, History, Geography and Commerce teacher who has been teaching in Western Sydney for the last four years. I’m also a self-confessed bake-aholic! I find my happy place by creating thoughtful, unique and slightly crazy cakes and desserts for loved ones, friends, and since 2014, a good chunk of Sydney! I also write recipes and am passionate about sharing my candy-coloured, creative food ideas with others. My work has been published in various magazines, website and social media channels and you can see me live in action by visiting any one of my dessert demonstrations or workshops currently being across Sydney.

  1. Your cakes are absolutely beautiful. Is there a particular place you go when you’re looking for #cakeinspo?

Lately, I’ve been frequenting art galleries such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney and other museums for some vibrant bursts of colour and originality. I also love admiring artworks and buildings which feature structural minimalism as well as interesting textures!

  1. When you’re not baking beautiful cakes, where do you like to go out for #breakfastinsydney?

I love hanging out in West Juliett cafe in Marrickville for a beautiful breakfast, wonderful coffee and chatting away with friendly staff.


Soft scrambled eggs with cured salmon, sorrel, yoghurt & fennel on toast – what Kat and I ordered at West Juliett


(image credit: @katherine_sabbath)


(image credit: @katherine_sabbath)

  1. If someone was in Sydney for 24 hours only, which foodie spots would you recommend they visit? 

West Juliett cafe in Marrickville for breakfast

Devon on Danks Street for lunch

Hartsyard in Enmore for dinner (and leave lots of room for dessert!)

Salt Meats Cheese in Alexandria for gourmet ingredients and tasty snacks

  1. Finally, best cake you’ve ever tasted? 

This is such a difficult question! There’s been MANY but I’d have to say anything by Black Star Pastry in Newtown, Andy Bowdy of Hartsyard, Adriano Zumbo, Lux Bite (from Melbourne) and Burch & Purchese (also from Melbourne!). I love them all and it’s so difficult to choose just one type of cake because my flavour cravings change as frequently as the weather, haha.

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(image credit: @katherine_sabbath)


(image credit: @katherine_sabbath)


(image credit: @katherine_sabbath)


(image credit: @katherine_sabbath)