Two of my good friends have started a Perth-based lighting styling company – and they are damn good at it too. Introducing Edison Events x 

  1. Please describe Edison Events and the services you provide. 

Edison Events is a lighting styling company, specialising in festoon and Edison barebulb pendants. We style weddings and corporate events at venues across the Perth Metropolitan area and the South West region. At Edison events we pride ourselves on working collaboratively with the venues, stylists, brides and grooms to tailor each event to the individual style requested. We strive to turn any vision that our clients have into reality, ensuring that the client is in love with what we provide them.


Jordan Cleghorn & Sandon Block – Edison Events

  1. How did the idea come to you to create Edison Events? Have you always had an interest in lighting and interiors? 

We have always been well beyond our years in that we have had an appreciation for homewares and an eye for interior design since we first met. We can’t wait to renovate our own house and put all of this passion and all of our ideas into action. I (Jordan) have always been keen to register us both on The Block…Sandon’s interested, but thinks he might have a better chance with someone else. We both know what we like, even if it isn’t always the same, and Edison Events gave us an outlet for this creativity and eye for design.

  1. Lighting plays a big part in photo taking (even in food photography!). As lighting experts, what would your top lighting tips be to get the perfect happy snap? 

Good natural lighting will always trump artificial lights! This might sound like we’re biting the hand that feeds us but I’m sure most photographers would agree. Our other tip is for the amateur food photographer. You see this mistake time and time again and is the cardinal sin of food photography, in our eyes at least; seeing the shadow from your camera in your photo! It’s a rookie mistake that can easily be fixed by taking a few more seconds to work our exactly where your light source is coming from. And if you can’t work out how to take your shot without the shadow, have someone else use the light on an iPhone as a second light source.

  1. Which cafes in Perth would you say are the best lighting-wise for people looking to take the most Instagram-worthy snap of their food?

Going off our tips, we would suggest somewhere with natural light in abundance. Such a place would definitely be Hylin in West Leederville. If you’re after a more moody, industrial vibe for your photos then you can’t go past Grouch & Co in Myaree.

  1. And, lighting aside, where are your top spots for a bite to eat in Perth?

Our favourite local haunt is hands down Grouch & Co. These guys are awesome people as well as fabulous specialty coffee roasters. As serious coffee drinkers it is so nice to begin to understand the science behind what you are drinking. We have attended some of Grouch & Co’s cupping and roasting workshops and can attest that these guys are the real deal when it comes to specialty coffees. When we are after a little something to go with our spro’s, the withdRAWals raw treats that Grouch & Co stock are the perfect match. These guys just have it all going on.


Sandon & Jordan


Our other favourite spots for food and coffee in Perth include:

Edison Events



Email:                         [email protected]


Venue: Grouch & Co                                        

Photography and styling: Sarah Dinsdale    

Raw treats: WithdRAWals