October 10, 2015

Let me preface this by saying, I am totally aware of the fact that the link between vacuums and breakfast is tenuous, at best.

However, breakfast crumbs often end up on my floor and I use a vacuum to clean this up. So there, link created.

I LOVE Dyson vacuums (refer to elated smile above) and always have. Which is why I was ridiculously excited when they got in touch about me giving the new Dyson V6 Absolute a whirl (yup mum, toldya I’m a domestic goddess these days).

While it’s called the Dyson V6 Absolute, I like to refer to it as the Nimbus 2000 of vacuums.

The machine is cordless, so you can freely move around while vacuuming (YAY! NO MORE PESKY CORDS!!) and comes with a recharge unit that can be easily mounted on the wall.

What really hit me as soon as I turned it on, was the sheer power of the machine. I was simultaneously hit with the realisation that what I’d been using previously was inadequate. I had vacuumed my living room the day before and yet still managed to pick up a LOT of dirt. Check out the pic below – yikes.

In addition to being a dirt destroying beast, the Dyson V6 Absolute also:

  • Has a soft roller cleaner head for hard floors
  • Can be easily emptied into the bin (it only takes the push of a button!)
  • Has max power mode, during which higher suction can be applied to problem areas

Oh Dyson, you’ve done it again. <3 #liz4dyson

You can find out more about the Dyson V6 Absolute at http://shop.dyson.com.au/vacuum-cleaners/handstick/dyson-v6-absolute-209568-01

For more info about Dyson products, see www.dyson.com.au 
They’re also on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube




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