June 29, 2016

I really like haloumi cheese. Which is probably a weird sentence to start a health-insurance related post with, but bear with me.

I recently teamed up with the wonderful humans at Bupa to film a day’s adventure through Melbourne where we asked Melbournians what they would insure if they could insure anything. Answers ranged from insuring that one’s brows were always #onfleek, to insuring against bad pop music (as someone who loves a bit of Biebs n T Swizzle, I soon realised that I’d never be friends with the Melbournian whose response this was).

I answered haloumi, because a world without its salty goodness is something I NEVER want to have to comprehend. *shudder

Obviously it was all a bit of fun, and Bupa don’t actually offer haloumi insurance (but please let me know if you do at some point!) with the aim of the game being to de-mystify the confusion around health insurance.

As a fresh-outta-home 24 year old who in the past year has entirely missed their first rent inspection, selection for jury duty, and wrongly diagnosed storm-related water damage as an “architectural quirk” I am the first to admit that “adulty” tasks often get the better of me. Insurance has quite often been relegated to this category but, in the interests of helping out my fellow struggling 20-somethings, I suggest you take the plunge and suss health insurance out for yourself at http://www.bupa.com.au/getbupa

In the meantime, I’ve created a small ode to my fave haloumi dishes from around Australia below. You’re welcome. #InsureTheSmallStuff

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Brought to you by Nuffnang and Bupa


Four Ate Five – Surry Hills (Sydney) ps. You need to order haloumi on the side of this one. And yes, that does bring the cheese count in this meal to two #YOLO.


The Cool Room – Fremantle (Perth)


Einstein’s Relative – South Yarra (Melbourne)


Darling Café – South Yarra (Melbourne) ps. Okay yes it’s Saganaki not haloumi, but they’re totes cousins so we can deal.


Nutrition Station – Miranda (Sydney)


Good Things – Mosman Park (Perth) ps. Ordered as a side.


The Glass Den – Coburg (Melbourne)

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