September 7, 2015

I’ve been given some seriously good stuff recently. So, naturally, my first reaction was to take some pretty photos of said good stuff and share them with you!

First thing’s first…CUPCAKES.

Cupcake Central have recently debuted some new flavours for spring (i.e. the eye-catching blue velvet, carrot, choc hazelnut, cherry pistachio and half-baked cookie dough) and sent me some to road test.

I took this quite literally, and proceeded to share them with random strangers along Chapel Street – safe to say I was the most popular person in South Yarra that afternoon. #spreadingthelove

The general consensus is that they’re delicious, and super pretty. I had the cookies and cream one (which was delicious!) and then got major #foodenvy when my friend chose the half-baked cookie dough cupcake and revealed that it had a gooey centre. #heaven



Next on the list… A cute care pack from the dream team at Tailor Maid Communications.

Obviously they’d gotten word of my Guy Sebastian-esque locks and inability to be in the sun for longer than five minutes without burning. (The perils of ranga heritage)

The pack included a detangling hair brush and bun styler kit from Lady Jayne, as well as the ultimate remedy for dry winter skin – Jojoba oil, cleanser, and day cream.

Everything was great, but I have a particular beauty-crush on the Jojoba cleanser and day cream. It left my skin feeling ridiculously soft, and you don’t have to use a ridic amount – aka a little bit goes a long way! Particularly with the day cream.




Back to food we go…


Thanks to a smallllll oversight I had somehow managed to completely miss my rent inspection (being an adult is hard) but the delivery of the most epic bread pack from AMPR and Chez Dre made everything okay again. #bread4ever

Moral of the story: in addition to being a brill brekkie spot, Chez Dre are also a bad-ass bakery. They’re whipping up artisanal bread in addition to their usual tasty foodie fare.


And the carbs continue…

Cessioni’s and AMPR* totes spoiled me with the most amazing dinner/brekkie pack evs. It contained:

Housemade bolognese
Freshly grated parmesan
House made egg pasta
Premium extra virgin olive oil
Sourdough bread
House made nougat


It was DELICIOUS. And, something that Cecconi’s are looking at rolling out to the public very soon. Watch this space!

*Keep this up and you will forever be my favourite PR agency


Coconut water met vodka and they had a baby and this is the result – Coco Vodka!

In this particular instance, there was also some guava involved too (although you can get the original flavour if you prefer).

I’m not a big drinker (minus the occasional glass of red or espresso martini) and I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect of this concoction. They ended up being pretty yummy! And didn’t bloat me like some alcoholic beverages can.

According to their website, they’re also lower in sugar than most pre-mixed alcoholic beverages.

As always, drink responsibly and check out their website for more deets – shop.cocovodka.com.au


Last, but defo not least, this BEAUTIFUL book came into my life today from the lovely humans at Smudge Publishing.

It’s the most comprehensive coffee guide to NSW known to man. Or at least, known to me. But its sheer weight and amount of pretty pictures/content makes me think that man isn’t too much of a stretch.

The book is the ultimate coffee bible, and gives you the lowdown on the best coffee places in the state, along with who’s making it and how they’re doing so.

A must for coffee lovers.


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