February 21, 2015

I am a massive fan of Kat’s Instagram page. Her photos are always incredibly creative and she has a real eye for what looks great. Most importantly, she’s also very much across what tastes great and is a brilliant source of east coast foodie recommendations. Introducing Kat Nguyen-Thai x

Breakfast In Sydney with Kat Nguyen-Thai

Born and raised in Melbourne, the “breakfast bar” was set extremely high when I made the (some would say, traitorous) move to Sydney. As I celebrate my one year anniversary as a Sydney-sider, I’ve had 365 days to explore my new neighbourhood and I can now share with you my top three places for the best breakfast in Sydney.

Eveleigh Market:

When I first moved to Sydney, inevitable, the first thing I googled was “Good markets in Sydney”. Low and behold, Eveleigh Market in Redfern’s Carriageworks was one of the first search results to appear.

Eveleigh Market is held every Saturday morning from 8am – 1pm and is an easy stroll from Redfern Station. I religiously visit Eveleigh Market on Saturdays for the flowers. There are two great florists at Eveleigh who sell some of the most beautiful blooms at a fraction of the price that a florist would normally charge. This market is also jam packed with dozens of organic farmers showcasing some of the freshest product you’ll find in Sydney, everything from organic meats to farm-made yoghurts and cheeses to the leafiest kale going around town.

Eveleigh Market is family friendly and most importantly, is dog-friendly. I’ve also come to discover that this market is a great place to catch up with a girlfriend or an old-friend over freshly brewed coffee from the coffee cart paired with a fresh croissant from one of many bakers who attend this market every Saturday. There are table and chairs scattered on the far side of Carriageworks if carrying all that fresh product (you will inevitably) purchase becomes too much.

Bourke Street Bakery (Surry Hills)

Are you even surprised this made my top 3 list?

Bourke Street Bakery is one of the few places I’ll line up for. Whether I’m ravenous for one of their freshly baked croissants or after a lemon tart afternoon treat – Bourke Street Bakery is consistently good and a delight to visit.

The fit out of Bourke Street Bakery in Surry Hills is pretty no fuss. The windows of their tiny shopfront is brimming with their daily loaves and croissants, just to tease you as you wait in line. Their cabinet of sweet treats is achingly good and often leaves me saying, “This is the hardest decision I will probably make today”. If you’ve got time up your sleeve, there is a handful of tables on Devonshire Street for you to enjoy – don’t be surprised if you find yourself waiting for a table or joining the end of someone else’s.

Must try: Chicken pie (I consumed more of these than I’m willing to share when I used to eat meat) and their house-made iced chai. Life complete.

Bourke Street Bakery

Bourke Street Bakery

Mad Spuds

You know that old friend that you know will always be there for you and never change? Mad Spuds is that old friend we all have. Mad Spuds has always been there for me rain, hail or shine, sober, hungover or otherwise.

Set on leafy Crown Street, Mad Spuds boasts an amazing menu of vegan and vegetarian friendly options, which is great for a herbivore like myself, knowing that there is an abundance of items available for me to choose from upon each visit. If you can’t give your weekly bacon like my boyfriend, Mad Spuds caters for that too – he swears by the “Mad Pan Brekkie” and we have been back for it more times than I can recall.

Mad Spuds is nestled among a hub of other cafés and I believe sometimes gets overlooked. As brunch-hunters line up for other cafes next door who shall not be named, I’ve always been tempted to pull them aside and take them to Mad Spuds and show them what they’ve been missing out on.

Mad Spuds isn’t your typical “hipster café” (as my dear friends like to call any café in Surry Hills these days). If you’re looking for odd cutlery, Ball Mason jars and paper straws – Mad Spuds will probably let you down. Mad Spuds has been around for years and has it’s own beautiful charm. If you’re after good honest food and friendly service, then you have come to the right place.

Top choice: Vegetarian Potato Nachos (vegan and meat options available) and a carrot, orange and apple juice. My saviour on many Sunday mornings.

Mad Spuds Cafe

Mad Spuds Cafe (Surry Hills)

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