March 17, 2015

April is the lovely girl behind the hugely successful @coffeewithme Instagram page. She has a knack for finding the cutest coffee spots in Perth, is a BRILLIANT food stylist and a truly wonderful person too. Introducing April Ku x

1. Please tell us a bit about your Instagram page.
Content wise, it constantly changes with the neutral colour palette being the cohesive element between photos. Some weeks there are more interior and coffee photos than others. While other weeks it could be mostly still life with written pieces about my wardrobe or even how I edit my photos. I love how there isn’t a set thing I must post. What I do appreciate is the conversations I have with other users and also the people I have been able to meet.

2. Your focus is predominantly on coffee, have you always been a big coffee enthusiast?
Haha, there was a while where a cup of coffee was lacking from my page. Definitely putting my username to shame! In a sense, I am a coffee enthusiast as it always reminds me of long conversations with friends or relaxing after a busy week. I am definitely not an expert on coffee.


Sprolo – South Perth


3. Where are you top three places in Perth for a great cup of coffee?
The Other Side – coffee is consistently great and don’t get me started on the interiors.
Studio 37 Coffee Bar – again, consistently top quality coffee and I can always sit there for hours
talking with friends.
Sprolo – great coffee, friendliest team and a gorgeous space.

4. Where are your top three places in Perth for breakfast?
Ah, I tend to go out for coffee instead of breakfast but hands down the jaffles over at Studio 37 would be my go to place. I have tried a few combinations but the baked beans jaffle is the best.



5. Ten years from now – where do you see yourself?
Ten years feels too far! Can I give you an answer in ten years time? But on a serious note – loving the choices I have made.

Follow April on Instagram at @coffeewithme


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