July 3, 2015

Bec and Stacey from SALT Melbourne are back for part 2 of their Melbourne foodie recommendations x 

SALT is back for more and we are so thrilled to be sharing more of our culinary knowledge with you. We are dedicated to providing daily doses of food recommendations which you can view on our Instagram page @saltblog and on our blog at – But in the meantime, here are five breakfast spots we highly recommend you add to your bucket list:

  1. Tall Timber

For those days when you are craving big portions and even bigger flavours – Tall Timber needs to be at the top of your list. The food is thrillingly innovative, from the spiced salads, slow cooked meats and breakfast boards you can be sure that Chef Ryan has covered all bases to please any palette that walks through their doors. With a menu so diverse, it’s impossible to leave feeling anything less than downright satisfied.

Rebecca’s pick – Spicy pulled pork salad with cabbage, apple pickled onion, pinenut, mint, corriandor slaw and lime dressing.


Photo credit: Rebecca Babic – Salt Blog

Stacey’s pick – Timber benedict with slow cooked pork shoulder, poached eggs and apple cider hollandaise.


Photo credit: Stacey Dorotic – Salt Blog

  1. Chez Dré

If you can take a break from your muesli or egg white omelette, treating yourself will never be more rewarding. Brioche buns, truffled eggs, or decadent desserts…this place has the works! For a cheeky French-inspired brunch and a bustling vibe, Chez Dré is one not to miss.

Stacey’s pick – Chorizo and smashed peas with mint, lemon, parsley, chèvre, poached eggs and toasted sourdough.


Photo credit: Stacey Dorotic – Salt Blog

Rebecca’s pick – Coddled eggs, with white truffle and pecorino on toasted sourdough.


Photo credit: Rebecca Babic – Salt Blog

  1. Serotonin Eatery

Hungry for health? Then Serotonin Eatery in Richmond is the place you need to be. From the menu layout, to the staff and produce this place is like Disneyland for the healthy eater. As soon as you set foot inside, the entire cafe oozes positive vibes and delightful aromas. We can guarantee that once you eat at the happiest café in Melbourne, you’ll be craving more serotonin goodness on your next visit.

Rebecca’s pick – Positive pancakes with organic banana flour pancakes, house-made banana ice cream, mixed berries and serotonin hung yogurt balls covered with roasted almond flakes.


Photo credit: Rebecca Babic – Salt Blog

Stacey’s pick – Burnley big breaky with poached eggs, oven roasted roma tomatoes, thyme mushrooms, alkalising greens, house spiced baked beans, avocado and a rosti on wholegrain Danish rye with house-made relish.


Photo credit: Stacey Dorotic – Salt Blog

  1. Truman

Did someone say thirsty?! Although they’re not jam-packed with kale or coconut water, Truman makes a mean smoothie. If you manage to get through the drinks menu without getting too distracted, you’ll find yourself tossing up between a halloumi stacked breakfast or a schnitzel and coleslaw sandwich for lunch. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

Stacey’s pick – Pumpkin, leek and sesame seed smash on sourdough multigrain with poached eggs, grilled halloumi, topped with kale pesto.


Photo credit: Stacey Dorotic – Salt Blog

Rebecca’s pick – Breakfast salad on ciabatta, cherry tomato, avocado, Bulgarian fetta and fresh herbs.


Photo credit: Rebecca Babic – Salt Blog

  1. Breakfast Thieves

It’s no shock that we live by the concept that ‘life is better with great food’, and that is why Breakfast Thieves in Fitzroy made the cut as one of our favorite picks for breakfast in Melbourne. The cafés interior aesthetic evokes a cool eclectic energy, which is true to Melbourne culture. Whilst the menu combines modern Australian flavours with a surprising Asian twist, which makes this place a great alternative to the traditional breakfast spot. On a fun note – the food is so picturesque it makes for a spectacular Instagram photo.

Rebecca’s pick – Crisp fried sweet corn fritters on puree of chipotle and grilled corn, pickled beetroot, yuzu-avocado mousse and poached eggs.


Photo credit: Rebecca Babic – Salt Blog

Stacey’s pick – Croquettes of Spanish manchego cheese and green peas on cauliflower and quince puree with kale, heirloom carrots, pickled baby radish and flaked almond dressed in balsamic reduction.


Photo credit: Stacey Dorotic – Salt Blog

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