I met Samantha at an event in Sydney and we became instant beffies. She has an incredible energy about her and is ridiculously talented – she’s one of the lovely people behind Sydney coconut biz Kayter Co and gratitude biz Ougies. Introducing Samantha Khater x 

  1. Please tell us a bit about yourself. 

I’m a coconut and gratitude loving, 25yr old girl from Sydney. Co founder/Coconut Connoisseur at @kayter_co and chief at @ougies.

I’ve also been known to love the occasional acupuncture session and chai latte.

Liz Lyons is my 5th best friend. (Lols, you totes dont need to include that) – but I did anyway because #claim! 😉 

  1. What are your top cafes for breakfast in Sydney? 

I Can’t go past my local cafe, Big Tree House Cafe.  This place has aioli on its breakfast menu! #winning

A few other favourites are:

Circa Expresso– you’ve gotta try the avocado!

Paper Plane Cafe– Great serving sizes and iced mochas!

  1. Best spots to grab dinner in Sydney? 

Salts Meat Cheese in Drummoyne- This is the place to go if you’re craving some good carbs! Buzzing atmosphere and authentic Italian food. Must try the Burrata, you’ll have a new found respect for cheese.

Barrio Cellar– Love everything about this place! The staff are great, food is cheap and delicious and not to mention they have THE BEST tequila menu.

Al aseel– If you love authentic Lebanese food, this is the place to be. It tastes just the way it would if teta made it.

  1. When you’re at home, what’s your go-to snack?

Coconuts! Seriously, that’s all I ever seem to have in this house.

  1. Best meal you’ve ever had? 

This is a tough one! My favourite food group of all time is gelato! The best gelato I’ve had was definitely in Italy. The tiramisu flavoured gelato had tiramisu chunks through it, amaze! Gelato is a meal, right?

  1. And, lastly, best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

Do. Not. Settle. If it’s possible in the world, it’s possible for you.

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Kayter Co

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Kayter Co

Photo from @kayter_co

Kayter Co

Photo from @kayter_co

Kayter Co

Photo from @kayter_co