Between being a chef, TV personality, and dad (to name a few!) Pete Evans has a lot on his plate. We grabbed five minutes of his time to chat all things food (and of course!) MKR. Introducing Pete Evans x

Hi Pete! You’re obviously very well known in Australia as the host of MKR, an author, chef, and restaurateur, we’d love to know – how would you introduce yourself?

Haha – usually it is G’day my name is Pete what’s yours?

Could you please tell us a bit about your food journey. Did you always have an interest in cooking? At what point did you start to embrace the paleo style of cooking/living? 

I have always had a passion for food and nutrition and it wasnt until about 6 years ago my wife was reading Primal Body, Primal Mind by Nora Gedgaudas that she suggested I may enjoy the science behind this simple way of eating.  We adopted it and the rest is history (or evolutionary history so to speak).

This season of MKR has been a real cracker! What have you thought of  this season’s batch of contestants?

It is a cracker that is for sure. We’ve seen some old school family recipes being cooked by teams like Val and Courtney, David and Betty, Karen and Ros and then some more new age teams like Amy and Tyson, Court and Duncan and Kyle and Tim.

You don’t have to say which team made it – but was there a stand out dish for you during the home-restaurant stage of the competition? 

Courtney and Valerie’s curries and sauces are something I will remember for a long time.

If you and Manu were a team on MKR, what would your menu look like? 

It would feature seafood, vegetables and no doubt some delicious pig in any number of incarnations… it would be delicious.

You’re obviously travelling a fair bit during the first part of the competition. Do you have any go-to cafes/restaurants in each of the states?

St Ali in Melbourne and Nobu, in Adelaide I have a little Korean place I like, in Perth I always eat at Heirloom (my restaurant) and same in Brisbane at Asana.

Where are your favourite spots to go for brekkie/brunch and dinner in your hometown of Sydney?

Saint Peter for dinner is awesome and I pop into Victor Churchill for some of the best terrines in Oz.

And lastly, best meal you’ve ever had? 

Any meal with my amazing family is always the best meal ever.

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