Tess is a successful model, owner/founder of Verve Superfoods and lover of all things food. She’s a total sweetie, and a very switched-on businesswoman. Introducing Tess Shanahan x 

  1. Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a Melbourne gal. Started my first business 6 months ago, Verve Superfoods. Modeling is my bread and butter, but I love that it’s my job. I am passionate about exploring ideas on controversial topics and spirituality, then blogging about my findings and opinions on my website.

And I LOVE to eat. I’m the kind of person who will eat three serves, then finish off the leftovers of anyone else around me who hasn’t finished their meal, and then complain all day/night about how full I am.

  1. What are your top cafes for breakfast in Melbourne? 

My go-to is probably Journey Man. I’m always on Chapel St, so it’s easy and the food is always spot on. The chia pudding is the best I’ve ever had. And the potato rosti dish is the best for soaking up those hangover feels.

I love Muharam café, not because I’m biased and used to work there, but the atmosphere is so chill, fun staff and awesome food. I love admiring the freak-shakes, but can never finish one. I try to stay on the healthy side and enjoy one of the green smoothies that has, my baby, Verve Superfoods in it!

I’ve also recently discovered Store Fifteen in Mornington. When on holidays at the beach this is the only place I’ll have breaky. Raw and healthy foods. So good.

Tess Shanahan

Muharam Cafe

Tess Shanahan

Store Fifteen

  1. Best spots to grab dinner in Melbourne? 

I find myself at Mr. Miyagi every week. Not only because the staff and owners are the coolest cats in town, the food is also so delicious. They have the best espresso martini, which is hot and cold… And the pumpkin toast never fails.

Foxes Den is a frequent one too – for when I’m feeling lazy. They have the best take-away salads I’ve found. It’s really healthy but more importantly super tasty!

Tess Shanahan

Tess at Mr Miyagi

  1. When you’re at home, what’s your go-to snack?

Cheese!! My fridge is usually empty, with the exception of creamy cheeses and dips. I will never cheapen out on buying good cheese. d’Affinois is my fave on crackers. I also make smoothies a lot. They can be made extremely nutritious just by adding a few Tsps. of superfood powders.

  1. Best meal you’ve ever had? 

That’s a hard one because I love so many different types of food. But the most memorable would be lunch at Heston Blumenthals’ Fat Duck at Crown in Melbourne. It was 16 courses and we were there for 5 hours. We ate everything from snail porridge, to bacon and egg ice-cream, and a mini ocean constructed on our plate, tasting of sand, seaweed and fish.

Tess Shanahan

Fat Duck @ Crown Melbourne (now closed)

  1. And, lastly, best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

To acknowledge the importance of self-awareness. To stay centered and calm in all situations. This will in turn bring more positivity, better communication and decision-making, and nurture a strong and creative mind.

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