Breakfastin Melbourne With Stephanie Guarnuccio

Steph is one of those awesome people who make you so grateful for social media. Even though we’ve only communicated via email and the gram, you can tell she is such a warm, down-to-earth, lovely human being. She’s also a massive foodie, and shares her Melbourne/Mornington foodie faves below! Introducing Stephanie Guarnuccio x 

  1. Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Where do I start? Behind the life of blogging, I actually own my own cafe. I’ve kept it seperate to my hobby of Instagramming for professional reasons and to respect the privacy of my family as they help me out a lot with it. The cafe itself has quite a reputation, particularly for its vanilla slice, which has made a name for itself for over 25 years now, so I didn’t feel that promoting it via my page was a necessary marketing approach and I like the idea of keeping some things in my life private.

My real foodie moment came about a few years ago when I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease, so adapting to a healthier lifestyle really got me thinking into what foods are good for you, but just as yummy as the naughtier options.


Steph and her gorgeous pooch!

  1. What are your top cafes for breakfast in Melbourne?

Owning a cafe has its perks, in that I ‘had to’ test out the best coffees all over the city, and with good coffee, generally comes amazing food! However the downside is now I have hardly any time to see the places I really want to go to!

My favourite breakfast/brunch go-to’s in Melbourne at the moment would have to be:

Top Paddock/Kettle Black:

What I appreciate about these amazing cafes are how efficient they are with the volume of people they have coming through and still how much attention to detail they put into the presentation and quality of their dishes, and coffee! Both cafes are first to come to mind to have breakfast/lunch at depending what area I’m in!

In saying that, I use the BreakfastIn page when I’m in the city to sus out where I should go next, and I actually have a list!

Darling Cafe

We are Combi


From on High

Hard Pressed

SOS cafe

Nutrition Bar

The list is actually endless! When I go on the BreakfastIn Page I don’t know where to start- I wish I had a bigger belly and calories didn’t exist!

Closer to home my go-to’s are either Store 15 and Soul Press (clearly by how much they are in my regular food posts, acais are my life!)

  1. Best spots to grab dinner in Melbourne?

Well, my absolute favourite is Mr Miyagi! My partner James knows if I want a special date night that’s generally the automatic decision. Those fish tacos, fresh sashimi, seasoned edamame and white chocolate froth espresso martinis, no further reasons as to why it is needed!

We also love to go to Chin Chin, Spice Temple, Nobu, Hawker Hall and Coda.

  1. When you’re at home, what’s your go-to snack?

Since I’ve moved out I’ve been cheeky on the new Nacho Cheese shapes (the only new ones that actually taste better!), but generally speaking I love my Quest Choc Chip Cookie Dough/Smores protein bars, or a banana! (I’m actually obsessed with bananas, everyone at work makes fun of me for it)

  1. Best meal you’ve ever had?

The best meal I’ve ever had was probably when I was introduced to Japanese. My dad’s a vegetarian and my mum doesn’t like seafood, so experimenting with seafood to me wasn’t always my first option. It was actually almost a year ago when I was in Bali with James and some friends and I had sushimi, edamame and salmon cakes for the first time. I was so amazed by how much I liked it, I’ve been hooked ever since!

  1. Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

This past year has been my biggest year in personal growth to date, moreso than professional/career growth. In saying that, to grow you need to experience the bad to appreciate and prosper in the good… And my dad has given me the simplest, yet most effective words to live by – don’t think, just do.

I set my goals, knowing the pathway to achieve them I may not always like, and sometimes we get caught up in the process and lose focus on the outcome. If you don’t think about the process, you can’t make excuses as to why you don’t want to do it and instead you just get it done and can focus more on the outcome you want to achieve.

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